Why I Wear Red (Why I'm a Cardinals Fan)

Ok, so this section probably isn't neccesary but I figured that I'd include it anyway. Why am I such a hardcore Cardinals fan? Well pretty much because I've been raised as one. I was taken to my first game when I was only a year old and was given a ball by pitcher Scott Terry. I grew up about 15 minutes from St. Louis and, as do many other fans, I root for the team my pops and grandpa root for. So, pretty much, I've grown up knowing that the Cardinals are good and the Cubs are evil... not to mention they suck. Anyway, I've included a few pictures to let you know how I got to this point. Enjoy!

the Cardinals lose, I cry

Above: I am crying for two reasons. One, its time to go to bed and what kid wants to do that? Two, I am pretty sure I had just watched the Cards lose a close game.

pops and I in our Cardinal best

Above Left: My pops and me heading to a game. I am pretty sure this was in the "lean" years when the Cards were playing like the Cubs.

Above Right: Fredbird and me. Notice my shirt says baseball on it. I still think I was wearing too much Cubby blue but I don't think I got to pick what I wore at this age.

pops and I on top of the Green Monster watching a Cardinals game

Above: Pops and me sitting on top of the Green Monster in Boston. This was just a couple of years ago and was the highlight of my Cardinal life up until that point. Those seats are the best in baseball and it's not even close.

Below: My Green Monster ticket. See, even the tickets or cool. How could you not like it? By the way, the Cardinals won the game in 13 innings. It was amazing!

a Green Monster seat pass


pops and I at Yankee Stadium watching the Cards lose

Above: Pops and me (same trip as Boston) at Yankee stadium. We got to see Roger Clemens get his 300th win and 4,000th strikeout against the Cards. Other than that it was a boring game.

Below: Some relics of the greatest Cardinal player of all time, Stan Musial. You can't see it that well but the ball is autographed.

Greatest Cardinal of them all - Stan Musial card and signed ball


Cardinals spring training ticket stub against the MarlinsCardinal BoSox ticket stubsCardinals Yankees ticket stubCardinals spring training ticket stub