Every Fan has his Price

Bobble HeadsOk, I am a diehard Cardinals fan. I’ve been to spring training, had season tickets for 2005, was there when Big Mac hit 62 against the Cubs (hey, it was amazing at the time) and even had a ticket to game 4 of the World Series when my birds lost to the BoSox.

Now, because of that, I pretty much hate the Cubs. I hate them with a passion. It’s the whole rivalry thing… it makes me act irrationally. Whenever I see a Cub fan walk by, I feel the urge to yell “Cubs SUCK!”… in fact, most times I do. Steve Bartman is my hero. 1908 is one of my favorite years. Get the picture?

When John Mabry went to the Cubs this off-season in free agency, it bothered me. I mean, the Cubs are our arch rival, right? Of course, that was nothing compared to Johnny Damon going from the BoSox to the Yanks. Anyway, those off-season moves started a conversation between my pops and me.

During one of my rants I say something like this…

“I cant believe when people go from the Cards to the Cubs. Its just wrong.”

Of course being the wise old man that he is… (ok look, this is my site and if you can't catch sarcasm when you read it, well that’s just your loss) Ok, back to my pops.

He says,

“Its not personal, its about money.”

I say,

“Yeah but still… it’s the CUBS!"

I mean sure they pay you but its like taking a bribe to throw the game” (Not that they know anything about that in Chi town).

Pops, sticking to his guns says,

“Everyone has their price. I mean how much would I have to pay you to root for the Cubs?”

“Wouldn’t happen, I’m not a masochist.”

“You wouldn’t do it for a million dollars? Honestly.”

“Ok OK a million bucks. But that’s just for rooting for them. Not playing”

“Alright, what about half a mil?”

“Yeah, yeah ok for half a mil I’d root for them”

“So what’s the lowest price you’d do it for?”

“I dunno 10 grand…. A game.”

And a site was born.

Every Cardinal or Cub fan knows the best games of the year are the Cards/Cubs games right? (I was going to say other than the playoffs but since we’re talking about the Cubs, I just left that part out).

Anyway, here’s the deal… if I raise $10,000 a game, I’ll go to the Cards/Cubs game and root for the Cubs. Not just root, I’ll be the biggest Cubs fan there. I’ll get a Cubs jersey, wear a Cubs hat, and even bring a Cubs sign. I will cheer when the Cubs score, taunt the Cardinals and their fans, and might manage to get myself in a fight who knows. I will be the quintessential Cub fan... and of course I'll post the pictures after each game.

But wait, there’s more!

PLEASE NOTE: This bit was my Pops idea. When he heard I was making a site, he came up with this bit. I think he hates me.

GoatAnyway, if I raise enough to go to the games and the Cubs somehow make it to the World Series, I’ll wear this goat costume to the games. The past few years have reversed two of the longest curses in the history of baseball and why shouldn’t I have a hand in reversing the Cubs nearly century long curse. That is of course if enough money is donated through this site…

Or use the button below to choose your own amount.


For each $10,000, I will attend one Cards/Cubs game

I figure that will cover the cost of the ticket, plane ticket (if needed), jersey, hat, and the pain.